How to use Datamin?

Test Format:

  • Each question will have 4 options + 1 choice to mark the question ambiguous.
  • Only one answer is correct.
  • Once answered/skipped, you can not come back to the same question.
  • After every 10 questions, you can review the last 10 questions and see your progress.
  • While competition is LIVE, you can only review “Interim Leaderboard”. We will release the “Final Leaderboard” 3 days after the competition ends.
  • Final Leaderboard will add adjustment factor to the Interim leaderboard score. Read adjustment factor to know more details.
  • Read section on Ambiguous questions to understand the scoring and purpose of last option - “Ambiguous Question”
  • If you find that question needs minor correction but still can be answered unambiguously, you can always tick “Question needs correction”. This is an unmarked additional information you submit as a feedback. So, you can select this checkbox and still answer the question.
  • Until unless mentioned, code mentioned in any question is in Python.
  • You can attempt as many number of questions you want.
  • Every question has a separate timer of 90 seconds. After the time out, you are only allowed to skip the question.
  • 90 second timer keeps running even if you close the screen or you lose internet connection.
  • Distribution of prizes and change of competition dates are at the sole discretion of Analytics Vidhya.
  • All the questions displayed in this contest are intellectual property of Analytics Vidhya and cannot be reproduced in any form without written consent from Analytics Vidhya.

Scoring :

  • Every right answer gives you +3 and every wrong answer gets you -1.
  • Skipping the question leaves your score unchanged.

Ambiguous questions

  • We respect different perspectives that our test takers bring in. If you know that more than 1 option correct OR none of the 4 options are correct, you should select “Ambiguous Question”.
  • If you choose the option - “Ambiguous Question”, you will not be marked for this question while the competition is LIVE. However, you will be awarded a +3 or -1 in the final leaderboard as adjustment factor.
  • Every ambiguous question marked will be reviewed by a panel of experts.
  • If experts concur your thought that the question is indeed ambiguous you will get a “+3”, if the experts identify that the question can be answered unambiguously, you will get a “-1”.

Example of scoring

Mark (a test taker) attempts 10 questions, answers 8 of these questions, and skips 2.

Out of the 8 questions attempted, he marked 2 ambiguous, gets 4 questions correct and 2 questions wrong. Also out of the 8 question user marked 3 questions as “Question needs correction”

Out of the two question marked ambiguous by Mark, AV expert conclude one of the question had indeed no answer correct, and other question clearly had one option correct.

For “Question needs correction”, Marks does not get any score. Interim Score of Mark = +3 * 4(Correct answers) - 1 * 2(Wrong Answers) = 10 Final Score = 10 (Interim Score) + 3 * 1 (Rightly marked ambiguous) - 1 * 1 (Wrongly marked Ambiguous) = 12

Mark gets 12 as the final score and 10 as the interim score.